who am I?

I am a graphic, web designer, content creator with a passion for art and design, both UX and UI.
For fourteen years I lived and studied in Italy and since 2017 I am based in Aarhus, Denmark.
I have a background in art, sculpture, graphic design and multimedia design.


Whether on canvas or on the wall, there is no limit for my paintings

Web Designer

Be it UX or UI at the center of the design is always the user

Content creator

Creativity has no limits

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs


Canvas, wood and wall paintings. Check out my art!


Banners, fliers and much more. Check out my digital works!


The world captured as I see it. Check out my photos!

Internship & side project

uX/UI DESIGNER for re-love

Jen 2021 – Mar 2021

During the period of my internship for Re-Love I worked as a UX / UI designer and web developer.
I made several mockups and hi-fidelity prototypes for their ecommerce website.

As a web developer I have made changes to their WP website. I was tasked with improving the user experience on their website, as it was at a critical point during my internship. I also worked with website optimization. There were several problems, one of which was the size of the images. This resulted in a longer loading time .

Content creatore for NUUII

Apr 20221 – Mar 2021

During my internship for Nuuii I had the function of content creator for their social media and I had the task of creating posts for their blog. I made several posts and mockups and wrote some articles for the blog.

During this internship I used my graphic and illustrative skills using Photoshop, Premier Pro and Illustrator.

RM competition - Entrepreneurship competition 2022

Apr 2022 – Jun 2022

I had the pleasure and opportunity to take part in the entrepreneurship competition held in Randers.
The group with which I participated, after winning in the category in which we participated in the regional competition, arrived at the national competition held in Copenhagen.

In this group I worked as a graphic designer, designing and creating advertising materials, presentations, the logo and creating the graphics of three presentation pages.

contact me


Email: g.d.sabau@gmail.com

Telefone: 71463279

Available: Mon- Fri from 08:00 – 14:00

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